Here's some stories making headlines for April 29.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • The Connecticut legislature's Public Safety Committee has approved a measure that seeks to address the excessive force by police. But the measure was stripped of it's most controversial proposal. One that would have required police to wear body mounted video cameras. The camera language was removed at the urging of the law enforcement community. However the committee has already approved a bill creating a police body cam pilot program.
  • The Connecticut legislature's tax writing Finance Committee is considering a reduction of the state sales tax rate. The plan calls for the rate to be reduced from the current rate of 6.35% to under 6% with an increase of the number of taxable items. The committee has been reviewing a list of products and services currently not being taxed.
  • The average price for a movie ticket fell...some. The 1st quarter of 2105 saw movie prices overall go down to $8.12 from $8.30. Not much of a savings-but every little bit helps.

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