Here's some stories making headlines for May 1.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • A new report indicates that Connecticut is the best state in the country. The conclusion is reached in a report from the Measure of America, which used a wide range of factors in reaching their decision. They include income, education, health, the economy and crime. Connecticut edged out Massachusetts and New Jersey for the top spot, with Arkansas and Mississippi finishing at the bottom of the list.
  • The Bridgeport Bluefish are honoring the mayor of their hometown with a bobblehead doll.  The team is offering a bobblehead of Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch to the first 500 fans who attend next Wednesday's game. Finch is the first of eight people who will be honored with bobbleheads by the team this year.
  • A Las Vegas bookmaker is saying Manny Pacquiao is the people's choice in Saturday's big fight with Floyd Mayweather Junior.  Jay Rood, the vice president of race and sports books at MGM Resorts, says over three-quarters of the bets placed so far have been for Pacquiao Rood tells the "Guardian," "It's the biggest fight we've ever taken at the MGM Grand."
  • Tesla Motors is developing batteries that can power entire homes. Tesla's Powerwall batteries are rechargable lithium-ion batteries that can store solarpower, recharge during periods when electricity costs less, and work as an emergency back-up generator during power outages.


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