We have been confused as to how our sister station has so many likes on Facebook. So, I went to talk to Mr. Morning from KICKS 105.5 about how they are getting it done ... it did not go the way I wanted or expected.

There it is.  This guy and I are going to have a problem.  I went as a friend and he almost nunchucked me. I didn't even realize.

That is no bueno. I have a feeling I would feel that one all the way down in my plums, plus it's a complete rip-off of Wedding Crashers. This guy thinks he is Chaz (Will Ferrell).  What is the deal?

I asked a simple question to someone I thought was a friend and this is the treatment I get?  I'll show him.  This does not end here. Mr. Morning ... people are going to be mourning ... Mr. Morning.

I'm gonna get that guy ... GET EM' ...G OT EM ... GOOD. But I need your help!

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