Back in June, Ethan Carey, my partner in crime, wrote a blog about the plans for what would become of the old Bennigan's. The Federal road eye sore was reportedly supposed to become a Cumberland Farms gas station/convenience store.

I'm not here suggesting this is not happening but I drive by it everyday and have seen zero activity. What up wit dat? You would think they would wanna get going, people love these Cumberland Farms and it sure seems like there is a buck to be made. I mean these convenience stores are well lit, shiny, money making machines.

Cumberland Farms, New Milford - Ethan Carey Photo

Either get it going or I can swoop in and do with that site, what I always intended to. I will renovate, open doors as a restaurant, serve the EXACT menu Bennigan's did and call it "Begin-Again's." That's way better than a 50th place to get gas, gum and over priced coffee.


This is the Bennigan's menu. Apparently there are locations open still, somewhere. I'll simply change one letter in each word to avoid lawsuits. For instance they serve the "Reuben Fritters." What do you think I might call these?