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I'm not new to the burrito game at Chihuahuas Deli so I should know better, but wow man. 

The fact is I told him to make it a little smaller for me today and don't go crazy. This is his idea of not going crazy. Keep in mind this was for breakfast. What I got was a delicious football filled with beans, rice, chicken and cheese.

It was GREAT, of course, but no I could not finish it. He has been doing this to me for the last two years and I blame him directly for my weight game the last few years.

In all fairness, it is definitely not his fault. It's mine. I'm hooked on his food. After having some of that burrito for breakfast my wife and I went down again to pick up lunch while running errands.  This time we went for the taco salad.  When I was inside I asked Jose why he was incapable of making a meal smaller than an aircraft carrier.

He laughed and then Nicky who works there told me that is what Jose eats everyday.  Then Jose smiled and flexed his muscles.  Too funny.

Now I just have to figure out what I can have for breakfast tomorrow.  Maybe New England Clam Chowder or a Turkey Reuben. Yeah, maybe one of those... OR a cheese quesedilla OR a philly cheese steak OR a cheese burger. Or maybe I can just have some eggs for breakfast like a normal human.  NAH, that won't get it done.

Me encanta (My wife helped with that)