I am like a shark, a barracuda, a salmon...etc.  I need the water like the grass needs the sun and well......the water.  

I was in the car with all three kids by myself and they were going absolutely bonkers and I could not hear it anymore so I turned the radio up and at the time I happened to be listening to Mike Francesa and that was worse so I pulled the car over and happened to be by Addis Park in New Milford.  I got out and looked at the water and all I wanted to do was plunge into the water and swim.  Not just to get away from my kids although that was not hurting my case.

I have always loved the freedom of swimming....I've always felt free.  Some people wish they could fly I wish I could be a dolphin or  shark.  I'm at home in the water and moreover I love being alone in the water.  I used to swim in the reservoir everyday.

I would leave work everyday and hike just far enough into the woods to avoid the D.E.P. and strip to my underwear and bundle my things into a small pile and get in the water and swim around for hours by myself.  So unbelievably alone.  It's the only time I love being alone is in the water and I vividly remember being upset when I knew I had to leave because it was a secret for awhile my secret for me and me.

When I finally had to come clean about it the people who loved me thought it was one of the most careless and hard o understand erratic things I had ever done.  I could not understand that.

It's the most sane and peaceful thing I've ever done and if my family and friends don't like it or the state wants to fine or arrest me then so be it.

I'm going back to do the most sane and beautiful thing I've ever done.  I'm going to get my freedom back in the water.