I am of Italian/Irish decent.  My father is Italian, my mother is Irish.  My ex-wife, my children's mother is Italian.  My wife and my stepson are Dominican.

All three of my boys look very different.  Louis; my oldest is 7 and looks like me.  Christopher looks very Italian like his mom and he is 6.  Lucas is 6 (younger than Chris) looks just like his mom.....beautiful and Dominican.  My boys look nothing alike.  I sometimes think that people think I kidnapped them.  I did not.  They are mine.  They are however part of what I think is the 1st generation of kids that will not have any racism in their hearts.  My 3 boys have learned in their formative years that individuals are different but people are the same.

I see it everywhere.  My best friend Jimmy has one daughter who is half Irish/half Latina, a black daughter and a mixed boy.  He is raising a family that won't know racism as am I.

My dad always taught me that people are people. Everyone has problems, everyone has anxiety's, everyone is scared.  We are the same.

Some stereotypes are true.  Most are.  Your culture makes you who you are.  But you are more than your culture.  We all are.  You are an individual.  I am so happy for my kids.  They get to have Eggplant Parmesan, empanadas and potatoes all in the same meal and they can look around the room and see different colors and shapes in the people that surround them.  That will eliminate for them that shameful thing that is racism.  #wearepeople

P.S.  My last name is Milano.  That is a city in Italy.  I look like a Leprechaun.  That was no fun but it made me think harder about perception and how it is garbage.  You don't know who people are until you bother to ask.

ALSO - Milano is not a cookie. It's a place that happens to be beautiful.  So I hear.