People always put up these really annoying posts about how they are going to get rid of friends of theirs.  They require their friends to respond to a whiny post that they did or they are out.  My game is pretty much the opposite.

Here is what you do the first day the dislike button comes out.  You dislike every single thing that comes on your news feed no matter what it is.

What will this accomplish?

It will help you filter people out of your internet life that have no sense of humor or don't have a thick skin.  You will see how many people fight with you about the dislike and you immediately unfriend them.  Another large portion of people will simply unfriend you.  Now you are unloading dead weight and that is a beautiful thing my friends.

That is what I want is less weight in all realms of my life.   I'm becoming a minimalist folks.

If you can handle listening to this nerd then you can check out Zuckerbergh's Q & A session about the dislike button.