I buy the fight, and it's either over in 19 seconds or it's a terrible fight. I don't buy the fight, and THIS happens. One of the best, bloodiest fights in UFC history happened Saturday night.

McGregor vs. Diaz 2 went down Saturday night, and by all accounts, this thing was worth every penny. There was blood, trash talk, hard hits, and in the end, it was close. I had to watch it the next day on Youtube like this:

That is no way to watch a top notch fight. I should have bought the Pay Per View. I am a McGregor fan. I think being Irish means you have to be. I feel like if I had watched it, though, he would have lost. Meaning I think I would have jinxed him. That's right, I guess I believe I have the power to change the outcome of a fight just by watching it. The narcissism continues.

We are set up for what will be an epic third fight. This has the potential to break Pay Per View records. I will buy the fight this time, and inevitably, be disappointed somehow.