There is no NBA player I hate more than this clown.

The first excuse I had to dislike him were the constant comparisons to Michael Jordan.  He is not and NEVER will be Michael Jordan and by the way he should not be able to wear the number 23.

No one should be able to wear 23 in the NBA and really if your not an absolute nipple head you would know not to wear it cause you look stupid.

Then the whole: "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" thing.  Who do you think you are?

We all are going to sit in front of the TV eagerly awaiting you breaking the hearts of the three fan bases just so you can decide to play hoops with your buddy in a city that could care less that your there? Oh that's fun.

And finally the dancing and the wrestling like pregame theatrics are more than tired. I cannot look at this moron dancing one more time. You are a pro athlete not a dancer.  You wanna dance?  Go on Dancing with the Stars.

I hope he runs into my favorite baller and shot caller.

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