What do I have in common with ETHAN and LOU???? We say it A LOT...the 3 of us LOVE OUR JOB!!! Sadly, according to a new CareerBuilder survey 21% of full-time employees plan on changing jobs this year -up from 17% in 2012. Honestly if you asked the 3 of us we would say we DON'T LOVE getting up at the ass-crack of dawn..but when we get to work we have found our bliss!!! And I'll let you in on a secret- we LIKE..No we LOVE each other. Really enjoying the people you spend a huge chunk of your day with, I think, is major part of work place happiness. That said- if you're not feeling it where you work and you want out- there's a new iPhone App called QUIT YOUR JOB!!! .An employment company called TheLadders built the app and it's available free in the App Store. It helps you create an "I quit" text message and then sends it to your boss for you. Think before you quit...it's a crazy, cold world out there.