On the 'Ethan and Lou Show,' I've often referred to myself as a 'chubby middle aged man.' A new survey given to 2,000 U.K. residents by Cigna Insurance, has confirmed that I am indeed still middle aged, which means I am not yet a 'Senior Citizen.'

One of the study's authors concurs, saying, "The point at which people consider themselves to be old is extending into their late 60's as people recognize that they have decades of active life ahead." Age is just a number. How is one supposed to look and feel as they quickly approach 'Medicare' age? Sure, it takes me a bit longer to get up off the floor after playing with my grandson, but that doesn't label me as 'old,' whatever that means.

Even though I'm not an official senior citizen yet, you can bet your ass that I'm not above scarfing up any 'over 60' discounts that might come my way, like movie tickets or haircuts. I have friends my age who won't sign up for AARP! C'mon, don't be an idiot! AARP offers discounts on airline flights, hotels, and insurance. I would proudly 'scotch tape' my AARP card to my forehead to reap the benefits. Here are some proud AARP card carrying celebs:

61 Year Old, Christie Brinkley - Credit Janette PellegriniGetty Images
61 Year Old, Pierce Brosnan - Credit Getty Images
64 Year Old Ethan Carey and Wife, Mindy - Credit Ethan's Photos

Call me 'gramps', call me 'middle aged,' just never call me, 'Old Man.'

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