She stole the show last night at the Oscars, now, Ashley Graham stole my heart, and frankly, I don't care who knows it.

When you are this beautiful, and have a rear-end that won't quit, you can count me in all day. It does not seem all that long ago that the bony-bodied, drug addict look was the in thing for models. I am more than happy that is over. Some ladies have extra lovin', man. I mean, you don't want them wind sprinting towards you to jump in your arms or anything, but that's not for everyone anyway. You might wanna skip chicken fights with her as your partner in the pool, but those are just dangerous. What you give up in certain athletic situations, you more than make up for in other areas.

Check out her historic Sports Illustrated magazine swimsuit shoot, and tell me you are not all in on Ashley.

If you don't dig that, you may need to seek some sort of professional help. Look into a therapist, maybe do some meditation or something, 'cause you straight up need to get your mind right.

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