First off I have to plead a level of ignorance here. I don't know where in the hell we are in the timeline for this episode.

I know it's somewhere either between episodes 4 and 5 or between 5 and 6. Either way there is plenty of play in between each and plenty of catching up to be done.

Second, if Disney plans to put out one Star Wars movie a year for the next twenty years they have got to focus and make sure they are up to par. I love that Darth Vader will at least make an appearance in this movie and hopefully more than just an appearance but that is dangerous. Darth Vader has never NOT been awesome on film so if they mess it up it will be the first time. Here is the trailer in question:

A few more things, seeing Storm Troopers on the beach in Antigua or the Bahama's does not sit well with me. I have to also say I am against ninjas and samurai's in Star Wars. It does not fit at all what I am used to. I could be wrong though. The last film to come out was critiqued for having too many familiar elements. Moments that just seemed to recreate moments from earlier films. No matter what happens I will be seeing this movie with a giant smile on my face.