Is is necessary to have your costume locked and loaded already?  I say not so much. I am never good at Halloween costumes.  I never do anything topical, relevant or clever because I wait till the last minute because I simply don't care.  So I either end up with the worst costume in the room or none at all.

One year about 8 years ago I went as Mr. Cotter.  No one knew who the hell I was supposed to be.  Maybe because the show has not been on TV in 40 years but who is to say.  Everyone thought I was the worst Ron Burgundy they had ever seen.  Lesson learned.  It's always best for people to be able to at least identify what you are supposed to be.  I've also done the couples costumes.  I'm not a huge fan of that except for this fact:  you just let your woman figure out what your both wearing and thus you have nothing you need to do but show up.

I like something simple.  Something I can use the restroom in without going through an ordeal and something that requires no props.  I know I am high maintenance and that is exactly why I am so bad at this.  So maybe I should start looking now.