As I come into the home stretch of my career here at the legendary i95, I find myself reflecting on many of the hundreds of events I've been a part of over the last 36 years.

As I walked around the i95 Brews & Barbecue Fest, I noticed, not only the hundreds of happy i95 listeners, but I got to thinking about how much time and effort goes into the details of planning and promoting these awesome events.

Sure, Lou and myself, Pam, Tim, and Large Dave talk up our events to make sure you know about them on the air. We are the lucky ones who receive the accolades from listeners like you ... BUT...

I-95 Photo

Most of the heavy lifting is done by our Promotions and Marketing department, headed up by Jeremiah Johnson (the dude with the hipster shades in the photo above) and his incredible staff and team of interns, who work tirelessly behind the scenes making sure each and every detail has been taken care of.

You see them behind the table at both small and large i95 events smiling and engaging listeners like you. As a part of the i95 air staff for 36 years, I am extremely proud to be associated with these talented, young, motivated and hard working individuals who make up the i95 Team.

I-95 Photo......I-95 WingFest at the Matrix

I send out kudos to the i95 staffers and legion of interns who go above and beyond the call of duty! I don't say this enough, but your hard work is appreciated and know that these awesome events would not happen if it wasn't for you!

Get ready for The 2nd Annual Connecticut On-Tap Brew Fest scheduled for September 12 at the Ives Concert Park.

Backstage at Brews and Barbecue with Tim Sheehan, Jeremiah Johnson, Jason Finkleburg(I-95's Big Kahuna) and Robert Randolph