Things you need to know on July 31.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • New Haven Police are investigating the discovery of a human torso in a downtown building. The legs and arms of 52-year-old Ray Roberson were found earlier this month. Yesterday a torso believed to be that of Roberson was found in a Crown Street building. At this point police say it has not yet been identified.
  • This is huge. IBM and CVS are partnering to help Americans deal with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. IBM's supercomputer Watson will analyze your medical records, prescriptions and living environment to produce suggestions on ways to feel better and to cut health expenses. The program will also identify people at risk for certain illnesses before they get sick and then come up with customized prevention plans.
  • Important hacking info. OnStar is scrambling to update their RemoteLink app after a hacker showed he could use it to unlock and steal an OnStar-equipped vehicle. An OnStar spokesperson says the company will release an update to address the problem in the next few days.
  • It's National Heatstroke Prevention Day. Federal officials warn a child dies of heatstroke about every 10 days this time of year from being left alone in a hot car. The dangers are also very real for pets left in a hot car.

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