This 12 year old from the Hudson Valley has it all, the voice, the look, her original songs, and now she's $1 million richer!12 year old singer/songwriter, Grace VanderWaal from Suffern, NY in Rockland County won the finals of the 11th season of America's Got Talent on Wednesday evening. I want to thank my wife, Mindy, for getting me hooked on AGT. I love to watch great talent that's still undiscovered and hasn't been eaten up by the "Promotion Machine." I'm just afraid that the record companies, managers, and booking agents will eventually get their hands on Grace and turn her into a 'product' just like "they" do with most artists.

If you were glued to AGT as I was through Season 11, I'm sure you had your favorites. There was the extraordinary mime, 'Tape Face,' with his black eye makeup and the black tape over his mouth, a 14 year old opera singer, a Frank Sinatra sound alike, a 13 year comedian, and my choice, if I could pick the winner would have been, 'Linkin Bridge,' 4 cousins from Louisville, Kentucky. Check these guys out!

The host of 'America's Got Talent' is Nick Cannon. I thought he was alright but I wasn't really impressed until he came out in this head gear on the 'Finals' show.

Screen Shot from AGT

Would someone please tell me, what in holy hell is Nick Cannon wearing on his head?! I didn't realize turbans were back in the fashion circles and that the 'Aladdin' look was back in style.

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