That's right!  The GAS WARS are here.  Well, more specifically, ground zero for this war is in Michigan. 

According to CNBC gas prices in parts of Michigan have dropped to as low at 46 cents per gallon.  Three Houghton Lake Michigan stations are at the center of the gas wars.  The 46 cents a gallon price was the lowest at a Sunrise Marathon with the other two stations at 50 and 47 cents respectively.  I mean with prices like that most people could fill their gas tank with 4 dollars and some change.  Not a bad deal.  Suffice to say that the lines have been long and were insanely long this past weekend.

Although we here in the northeast are not getting those prices, that kind of competition anywhere in the country can only mean a domino effect.  We will reap some of the benefits of even a small gas war even in the middle of the country.

The question really is if this were going on here would you wait all day in line at one of three stations with rock bottom prices or go with the ease of going to a station with more expensive prices?

This is simple for me.  I don't do lines.  My time is more valuable than saving a few bucks.  I have always felt that way.  Plus it's never just a line.  Lines come with little social breakdowns.  There is always someone who cannot respect the unwritten but widely understood laws of the line.  You can't cut, you cannot hold someone's place and you can't fill more than your tank in your car and one gas can.  Anything beyond that and you are being greedy.  Someone always does though which leads to arguments that lead to physical fights so count me out.

Remember how much fun it was after Hurricane Sandy?