Tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show we find out how well Ethan and I know each other. We each have prepared 10 questions: five of which we should be able to get right for sure, and another five that are long shots.

We have not seen each others questions, but I can give you a few of mine that I am sure he will not get and if he does I will be amazed.

  • What hospital was I born in?
  • What is my full legal name?
  • What are the circumstances that lead to my first live air shift on i95?

If he gets those, I will know for sure that he cheated and called my family. I would not think he would do this because he is no snitch, but we will find out ... "snitches get stitches."

Anyway ... if he reaches out and gets both answers, you and I will know he is working with the FEDS. OK, I have to stop watching reruns of the Sopranos and S.O.A. I'm getting paranoid.

I also worry that his questions are going to be crazy hard for me because I don't listen that closely. But what I do retain, I hang onto. I also talk more than he does about my personal life, so it should be interesting.

If you wanna hear the questions and who knows more about who...make sure to listen to the show tomorrow.  We are on i95....95.1FM.....WRKI....weekday mornings 5:30-10am....or online at

Who do you think knows more about the other guy?  Leave your comment here.