Look at the calendar. Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Time to get your hands on that "perfect" turkey. Pam Brooks and Martha Stewart to the rescue. Buy it or win it? Here's the info.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought I'd be "helpful" Pam in 2 ways.

So here's #1

Turkey isn't everyone's ideal Thanksgiving meal. But it is for most. So I figured if you are cooking your very first one, or are an old hand at it, a little info from Martha Stewart could help. Plus it's just fun to watch Martha get her hands all over the bird!



Now for way #2

Listen to me every day this week in the Deja Vu Diner to get your Turkey the absolute best way. FREE! Our wonderful friends from Hog Wild BBQ are supplying 20 lb Turkey's and I get to give one away every day this week!

You know my theory, "if it's free it's for me!"...but actually it's for you! On second thought, that bird is 20 pounds....I'm coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.

If you don't win one, but want to get yours, they are even smoking them, you can go online to www.HOGWILDBBQCT.com for info.

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