Do you know the bacteria levels of the water where you go swimming? There is a website to where you can see the grade for each beach along Long Island Sound.

According to Fox CT, Curt Johnson, from Save the Sound, wants people to be safe when swimming at the beach. There is a website, Sound Health Explorer, which will show the levels of bacteria of over 200 beaches in Connecticut and New York along the Long Island Sound.

Johnson says that if your beach has a D or an F then that beach has 18-23 percent. What that means is that a quarter of the time people are swimming at that beach they are swimming in water that is unhealthy.

While some beaches get good scores (Hamonnasset got an "A") others did not (Clinton Town Beach got a "C").

Where does the bacterium come from? Fox CT explains,

The bacteria comes from failing septic systems, cracked sewer pipes, runoff from rain water and even animals.

Johnson stresses that the website isn't meant to scare people. The point is to start conversations between the residents and town planners to figure out how to get better scores for their beaches.