We have decided that our relationships as human beings come down to Trump versus Hillary, black versus white and gender versus gender.

Who besides me is bored? I grew up hearing racist things from this one or that one. I ignored it all. My old man was just about right and wrong. He brought me everywhere with him, and I met all kinds of people.

We are in a weird place now. I really thought we were done. I really thought that we had this "me versus you" thing knocked. We do not, and that is sad. It's more simple than we have made it lately.

This is a mixture of people who grew up with bigotry explaining how things should go to millennials. Some grown-ass people are not equipped to send the right messages. Those are the people we have given the mic to. The millennials, for their part, are way too sensitive and ill-informed to do the right thing. So, if you are not a sociopath politician, bigot, or a hopelessly dense and naive college student with zero life experience, then pull someone aside and gently tell them about the progress we were making.

Look at someone who has not experienced what you have, and ask them how they feel about our country. When that is over, you are still free to feel the way you do from a political or socioeconomic standpoint, but don't tell me you can feel hate toward them after.

Simplify things. Think about how you feel about a group of people, then look at a photo of one of your children, breathe, give it ten seconds, and if you are not crying, you are not human.