So many choices. Who would you be?

Every day life is filled with tremendous Super Heroes. From our men and women in the military, to doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters and more, we are surrounded by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I think that's partly why we are drawn to action heroes and Super Heroes.

According to, National Superhero Day started in 1995 as a way to recognize comics fans' favorite super powers and celebrate good deeds and actions everyday from real life heroes and beyond. Be inspired today to go above and beyond. Question is, who would I want to be?

Deadpool? Only if Ryan Reynolds was guaranteed to be in the costume with me.

Catwoman? She does have that fabulous whip that I could sure make use of. I'm not a big milk fan though.

Wonder Woman? Seems to me that all women embody her on a daily basis, so she's a given.

Since I like to change the rules, just ask Lou, I'm morphing Elektra and Invisble Woman into one Super SUPER Hero! I get to go all badass and you'd never know it was me. That sure would come in handy, especially at work. On a serious note, all of us should take a moment everyday and appreciate "regular" super heroes doing extraordinary things.

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