We all know that Hollywood largely leans left. We also know that there are a few brave souls in Hollywood who are "openly Republican." Bruce Willis, Ted Nugent, John Voight all are vocal about their conservative views but they are the exception. Now however there is what appears to be a growing number of closeted Republicans who support Donald Trump. One group in fact is known as the "Friends of Abe" and according to the Hollywood Reporter they gathered in support of Trump on Thursday night. The private group gathered to watch the debate and was 200 strong.

I think it's funny that they basically have to meet in secret. I mean there is a lot at stake. These actors, producers, directors, etc have a lot of money on the line. You could probably envision a scenario where if they got found out would lose work with certain others in the industry that are very liberal. I mean former Yankees Paul O'neill and Johnny Damon just took a beating in the New York print media for endorsing Trump.

Whatever your political beliefs are this gets more fascinating by the day. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Both sides are dug in, no one is budging and the circus is in town. I have not talked to one person that does not have a strong opinion one way or the other on Trump and Hillary. What I find really surprising though is that no one seems to be afraid to share those opinions. It's not like it used to be. Who you were voting for and why was a private matter. We were all better for it in my opinion. In the age of social media however everyone has a megaphone and is not afraid to use it. I'd like to hear less of what people think frankly because they are certainly not changing my mind one way or the other.