Has the city of Danbury called your home yet offering high speed internet for only $15 a month. This the real deal! According to Danbury's Daily Voice, this past Wednesday, the city  began a series of robo-calls to Danbury residnets asking six questions about the possibility of cheap internet service. If you live in the city of Danbury and either missed or didn't receive that call, call the city's 311 line at 203-744-4311 to record your input.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton - YouTube Screen Shot

If you're wondering if $15 a month for high speed internet is a good deal, my cable company charges me $55 a month for that same internet, but there is a catch. To make this work, Mayor Mark told the NewsTimes that they need at least half of Danbury's 50,000 households to sign up.

It just keeps getting better because that $15/month rate will continue to drop. After five years, the rate will go down to $5 a month! Mayor Mark said that this can work, BUT, only if you tell the city WHAT YOU WANT. If you haven't gotten the call yet, dial 203-744-4311 to input your answers.

Danbury City Hall - Google Instant Street View

Again I say to you, I'm paying $55/month and you could be paying only $15/month and eventually only $5/month which will happen ONLY if the city gets enough households to participate. The state's download speed averages 9 megabits per second but the city will give you 20mb per second.

According to the NewsTimes, this is the Mayor's plan to encourage economic development and community connectedness in Danbury. 

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