I'm really NOT kidding - they ARE called "Pee Wee Pumps." I'm not so sure about how I feel about this ... how about you?

You know I am a self-confessed "shoe whore" but this might be a little too crazy! These baby shoes have a soft, collapsible HIGH HEEL. Six different styles and the company calls them "your daughter's first fashion statement".

I will say-they are totally adorable in the photos! To take a look and get info you can click on PEE WEE PUMPS

Some parenting advocates and websites are not at all happy. One has even said that putting adult fashions on a newborn is simply not appropriate.

Full disclosure - I am childless. But I totally dote on my one and a half year old niece. I fully enjoy buying her all sorts of "girlie" outfits. As she gets OLDER I will buy her boatloads of jewelry and purses and SHOES!

OLDER being the operative word here. I know many moms like to adorn their baby girls like princesses or dare I say divas!

But my gut reaction here is that even though these little shoes look cute beyond belief in the pictures, and even though the little heel is collapsible it just is a tad out of control to have your infant shown off wearing baby shoes that sport a heel.

I know that might sound strange coming from this shoe obsessed babe, but I GREW into that obsession. It wasn't given to me as a babe!

I might however buy the Pee Wee Pump to hang from my rear view mirror instead of a pair of dice. What do you think?