Ah, the life of a rock and roll dj. Spinning the Zeppelin, Stones, and tending to the chickens and cows...

Mrs. Large hates me. I've become glued to my iPad. Well, more like glued to my 15 virtual cows....You see...I'm addicted to playing online games. Hay Day in particular. Gone are the nights of deep conversation and meaningful suppers, I've got to sell my land deeds! Ain't nobody got time for talkin'! I fell into the virtual farming world with Farm Town on Facebook. I spent the better part of 2006 on that game....WELL,  flash forward to today? Hay Day is my current vice. (And delicious Apple Skoal...but that's for another blog)

It's such a simple game, you plant crops, tend to your animals, and then sell the products in their virtual marketplace. Easy right? I've spent MONTHS on this game. I don't farm in real life, God, the only thing I grow is moss under my booty between 7 and midnight. Most online games don't appeal to me, I saw Candy Crush, and I felt superior because I used to play Candy Crush under it's original incarnation...BEJEWELED! Minecraft? Nah, I'm good. Angry Birds? Well...which one? RIO? NOOOOOO!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my online gaming addiction, and let you know that I have 10 Chocolate ice cream cones on sale for $1,400 over at Peanutville, that's cheap! Buy them, NOW!