Hey Lebron, you stink and I hate you.

Ok, the fact is that LeBron James is one of the most physically gifted athletes in the world and has obviously worked hard. I still hate his guts.

I do, however, LOVE Steph Curry. If I was a girl I'd be up on his gear. OK, that got weird.

The fact is he has done more with less God given talent than any basketball player I have ever seen. He is fun to watch play and he has attitude and a swagger about him you rarely see.

He is a BAD MAN ... I'm a fan for sure. If kids want to learn how to shoot or handle the ball they should watch Steph. By the way, whenever I used to play NBA live on SEGA Genesis I would be the Charlotte Hornets because Steph's dad Del Curry was lights out from the 3 point line late in the game.