Does this look like fun to you?! Ice Fishing? Am I missing something?

That guy looks like he's freezing to death! He probably can't feel his toes! Why does a certain segment of the population actually go ice fishing? If you're serious about drilling a hole in the ice so you're able to catch a fish in the middle of winter then you'll find owning your own ice fishing shack quite pleasurable. Now here's a guy who knows how to party!

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Is it me or does he appear to be anything but happy? Ice fishing could be a perfect way to get away from it all. Maybe you've had a fight with your wife or girlfriend and she won't stop yammering at you, so what do you do? You slip away to your own personal ice fishing hovel like this Minnesota fisherman. Serentity now!

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On a clear winter's day when the sun is shining and the temperature is hovering around 10 degrees, there's nothing like putting on layers upon layers of clothing,10 pairs of socks and dragging your sorry ass out to your very own hole in the ice. You could make the sport of ice fishing more enjoyable if you just use your imagination like this guy!

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You've noticed that no one wants anything to do with this jokester! I think this guy's laying the groundwork for some sweet, sweet action later! Truth be told, ice fishing can be rather enjoyable if you come across a mild bright sunny day with temps in the 30's. For more info on the when, where, and hows of ice fishing in Connecticut, click on, but you can still count me out!

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