It's just so much easier to buy a fake department store Xmas tree. Just whip it out of the box, attach the branches, and bingo, you've got yourself a sterilized, unoriginal tree just like millions of other Americans! All you have to do is buy a can of "Authentic Xmas Tree Smell" and voila, it's a winter wonderland come true, OR -   "Well son, back in the "old days," we used to hike 10 miles (it was really only about 100 yards) into the forest (it was really a Xmas tree farm) to chop down our own Xmas tree." Thanks to, you could bundle up the kids and show them what it's like to cut down their own Christmas tree, just like your great-great granddaddy did back in the 1800's. If you're really thinking about going outside to chop down an actual authentic tree, here are a few suggestions. 

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Castle Hill Farm - Located at 25 Sugar Lane in Newtown, Castle Hill Farm features Xmas trees that you choose and cut yourself or they also sell pre-cut trees plus all the other decorating  accessories to make your tree beautiful.

Everett's Corner Tree Farm - Located at 136 Sherwood Road in Easton, Everett's provide free saws, free baling, transport wagons, and free twine to secure your tree to the top of your vehicle.

Bob's Tree Farm - Located at 66-68 Turkey Plain Road in Bethel.

Paradise Tree Farm - Located at 224 Lonetown Road in West Redding, Paradise Tree Farm offers saws, twine, and other accessories to help you secure the perfect tree, Call 203-938-2490 for hours and directions.

Maple Row Farm - Located at 538 North Park Avenue in Easton, Maple Row is open everyday until Christmas.

Averill Farm - Located at 250 Calhoun Street in Washington Depot, Averill's is open everyday up until Christmas eve.

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