When you're faced with 150 different craft beers, figuring out what to eat with your beer can be complicated. You don't want to drink a brew that overpowers your food choice. Luckily, I have access to the types of beer, and a general idea of what kind of food will be served this Saturday at Hat City on Tap. Here are a few suggestions:

Hefeweizen - Mexican food! Seriouseats.com suggests Mexican flavors pair perfectly with the wheat-based Hefenweizen. Widmer Brewery and Revival Brewing Company will be serving up their Hefenweizen on Saturday night.

Pineapple Sculpin - Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin will be poured at the event. Mexican, spicy Thai food, or West Indian food are the suggestions posted by a fella who calls himself MojitoCheesecake on Beeradvocate.com. One thing that I've learned, always trust the suggestions of a person that names themselves after two delicious food items.

Porter/Stout - Meats, especially BBQ. Dark beers pair up well with smoked meats, especially ribs and brisket according to Matchingfoodandwine.com. Stony Creek will be serving up their Stony Joe Coffee Stout, Foolproof has their Revery Imperial Stout, and Bill from Hog Wild BBQ will be smoking up hundreds of pounds of meats for Saturday's event.

There are so many more craft beers at Hat City on Tap, over 150 of them. The Danbury Ice Arena will be serving up pretzels, dogs, burgers, etc. Hog Wild Bill never disappoints. Pull me aside on Saturday, and let me know your favorite pairings

Hat City on Tap is happening this Saturday, April 2, at the Danbury Ice Arena - 1 Independence Way. If you'd like to get an extra hour head start on your food and craft beer inhalation, get your VIP tickets by clicking HERE

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