This tampon tax story caught my eye over the weekend. Turns out, according to, discussion about this tax is on the agenda at the Capitol today. I say bring it on.

Let's face it, ladies. In the course of our lifetime, we go through a ton of paper products related to that time of the month. Don't even get me started on how much money we spend throughout our life paying for tampons. Now, we may actually find ourselves getting a bit of a break. A tax break, that is.

As I was reading the newspaper on Saturday, this nugget caught my eye. In a story from, there's a legislative public hearing being held at the Hartford Capitol today on a bill that would expand the Connecticut sales tax exemption to tampons, and other feminine hygiene products. The bill was proposed by the Public Health Committee after lawmakers learned that tampons, among other women's products, were being taxed.

It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that women reproduce. So, that need for feminine products often leads to the need for other paper products. So, this bill would also make disposable, and reusable diapers tax free. I'm hoping our state legislators have our, um, backs on this one!

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