I got to thinking about this during the general election. I saw read about all kinds of people boycotting all sorts of companies and organizations over the political affiliations. I thought to myself that a boycott seems like a lot of work. I don't like a lot of work, so I had to think long and hard about what would make me angry enough to boycott.

I thought that if I were to do this, it would have to be a company or organization that hurts children or looks the other way on harming children or the elderly. I don't play that. It's not OK. Like, for instance, when we learned of the scandal at Penn State some years back with Jerry Sandusky. I obviously was disgusted with Sandusky, but it completely changed my opinion of Joe Paterno. The once lovable old man became a sicko in his own right for looking the other way. I was astonished by how many Penn State fans were blind enough to defend him publicly.

Have you ever boycotted a company or organization? We want to hear about it. Leave your comments here, and we will share them tomorrow morning on the Ethan and Lou Show. I look forward to reading the comments from the nipple heads that answer that they boycott i95. That is always fun.

P.S. Based on this photo with the rabbits here, I may have to rethink my stance on PETA.