I came across this weird-ass article in the Huffington Post. Let me warn you, before you hit play on the posted video, prepare to be creeped out! The Russian artist, Michael Zajkov's handmade dolls are so lifelike you want to watch closely to see if they blink or move.

Zajkov has more than 70,700 followers on Instagram. He takes hours smoothing and painting the faces with chilling precision so they appear to be making eye contact! A little creepy!

Are you kidding me?! It looks like he's holding a tiny little head in his hands as he carefully applies its' make-up. Zajkov relies on polymer clay to make the majority of his life-like dolls. The eyes are made of glass from Germany and the doll's hair is French mohair.

The dresses are made from antique French lace and styled from the early 1900's. Do you think he has hundreds of these dolls at home? Does he talk to them? Do they talk back? Here's one last video of these life-like creatures. "Please don't blink, please don't blink, please don't blink!"

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