According to the News Times, four men were placed under arrest Saturday night for trespassing on the grounds of the unfinished Dunkin' Donuts Park in Hartford, CT.

It is soon to be the home of the Hartford Yardgoats, but Saturday night it was a private field of dreams for four local men. Until they were arrested, that is. A security officer found them after hearing them cheers and yelling echoing out of the stadium according to the report.

There are very few harmless, victim-less crimes. Most things are illegal because someone could get hurt. This case of trespassing sends chills down the spine of any property owner, only because they are concerned about someone getting hurt and suing them. But, these guys just wanted to play ball. This is where we are. Lawsuits have made it impossible for anyone to have any fun anywhere, anymore.

I know you can not just go onto someone's property, but c'mon man! These guys were probably having the time of their life, and some rent-a-cop shut it down hard. I feel for these guys because I could easily be arrested for a similar crime. If I could have found a way into that stadium, you bet your bottom dollar I would be playing some ball.

P.S. - Is the Yardgoats the worst name in the history of minor league ball? I'd have to say so. There have been some really dumb names in minor league baseball over the years, but I do believe that this one takes the cake, brings it home and eats it. Yardgoats. Ugh.