According to a man walking his dog in Manhattan Park stumbled on a pretty scary sight. He saw goat heads nailed to a tree. Now I don't scare so easy but this is not for me. It immediately makes me think of voodoo and I don't play that. I know, call me crazy but this, this is crazy.

I had an opportunity to use a photo of a decapitated goat head instead of this one but this one is just cuter. It tells a story of some goats sticking their heads through a fence and staring at a camera. That is the story I wanna read. Not the one about the severed heads stapled to a tree. I'm no PETA member or anything but there has to be another way. I'd be lying if I told you I did not like goat meat. I do. I love it. I would however not like to see their heads hanging from a tree when I'm walking my pooch. Ya feel me?

And Harlem of all places? I really don't think of Harlem as a hot bed for goat activity but who am I to say? What do I know about goats? Not much. I know they smell and they make funny noises but that is pretty much my limit on goat knowledge. Oh and that Jim Bruer is goat boy.

I will need to take my time and educate myself on the apparent migration of random goats to Harlem, NY and I'll get back to you with an intelligent answer. But before I go remember the next time you take your dog for a walk be on high alert from random petting zoo heads swinging from the trees.