You know I love you all...but it's time for me to find my #HappyPlace -so where will I go?

There isn't too much more I love than hanging out at i95 and rocking you all day in and day out! Chatting with you on the phone, hearing the great stories the listeners tell frequently make me laugh out loud, sometimes make me shake my head, sometimes brings a tear to my eye. The radio station is one of my biggest happy places!

But sometimes my #HappyPlace is defined this way :

The place inside all of us where we are all happy and get the warm fuzzies. Our happy places are protected from the crazy things that often bog down our daily lives.

Once I see that Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the distance, I know I'm getting close to my really "warm"  #HappyPlace  I'll be back soon-ish! Miss me.