When I was born on March 28, 1979, my mom was really still a kid, but she grew up in a hurry to take care of me. 

She, along with my dad, went and had three more kids, my sisters, Renee, Katy and Anna. We were each born in different decades, me in the 70s, Renee in the 80s, Katy in the 90s, and Anna in the 2000s. My mother has never really had a break. She has been raising children her whole life. Now, it's no easier. She is helping to raise her five grandchildren, with her sixtth on the way. She is a tireless saint, who only wants, and expects, the best for all of us.

One story comes to mind that I will never forget about my mom. She has always insisted on the picture-perfect Christmas for our family. She goes all out to make our Christmases look like a Norman Rockwell painting. One year, I went to visit my mom and dad in the middle of a snow storm. I get out of the car to find her hanging from a 30 ft. ladder, stringing Christmas lights on the house. The wind must have been blowing at about 40 mph, and she was in her robe with a staple gun. TRUE DEDICATION. I yelled, "Ma! What are you doing!?" She said that she was hanging lights. I helped her, and went inside only to see my dad in his underwear, playing the guitar. Haha. Great stuff.

I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have the perfect day.