Happy Birthday to my wife Erica. Last year, I may or may not have "ruined" her birthday. Who is to say? Today will be much different. 

You deserve a fancy dinner and a husband that does not behave like a chimpanzee. I plan to give you both of those very reasonable things. You see that face she is making in the picture. That face is five faces before the angry one so I get plenty of visual warning before she blows her stack.

You put up with me, 3 little boys and our dog Frank. You get almost no girl time, you ask for nothing and demand little. We all love you for all the things you are. On behalf and myself and our little lost boys tribe, happy birthday my love.

What time should I pick you up for dinner? What should I wear? Are you expecting sweet. sweet action? Do you want the prize pack? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Don't worry, I got you covered. See you later pretty lady.