Sometimes you just over imbibe. The drink you down and then think, "hell, that was one too many." I found this handy and funny video chock full of remedies. 

So grab your pen and follow along, you may need this information of you're planning to party (and bring a designated driver) at the Brews and BBQ Festival on May 16 at Ives Concert Park.

I present to you ... an 81 second hangover cure.


I'll share my stories, and I hope you will too. Here are Pam's confessions:

Yes on the coffee and honey. Yes on the bananas ( TRUTH, had to eat a boatload of them one morning after a night out with one time i95 Morning show babe Mary Scanlon. Damn those Cosmo's).

No on the Gatorade and Powerade, but yes on the Pedialyte, Alka Seltzer and 5-Hour Energy. No on the Bloody Mary's ( I hate them ), but yes for sure on the Hair of the Dog (make mine a Jack and ginger ale). I know food is sketchy when your nursing a hangover, but I swear by burnt toast and cold pizza.

Yes on the cold floor ( picture this, cold bathroom tiles, lights out, couldn't find my way out- it was my own bathroom! NOT a proud moment, but a story my husband STILL loves to tell! ) \

And of course Sunglasses are a big YES! And I expect you to share you stories with me!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the i95 Brews & BBQ Fest, we'll have craft beer, delicious barbecue, vendors and live music from The Trolls, Nashville Drive and Robert Randolph and the Family Band,

You can buy your tickets in advance by clicking  HERE. They are $15 online with you first beer on us, or $20 at the door.