The challenge back in 1969 when teenage lust took over on a warm summer's night was to find somewhere to park where privacy was the priority.

Call it what you'd like, nooky, sweet action, or making out. When you're a teenager, it's almost a necessity to find a private location to experience the sexual revolution. Even if you don't need to go parking, which is what we called it when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the experience of heavy petting and maybe some other stuff was a force that could not be ignored. Here are some of my suggestions, with the help of a couple of weird websites, when you might want to utilize your car when romance is in the air.

1.  Side Road in the Middle of Nowhere - Every town have roads out in the country, in the middle of nowhere, where police aren't likely to patrol. If you can, pull off the road into some kind of hidden alcove. Make sure to plan a strategy in case a police officer or some random stranger comes calling. Know where your clothes are located so you can put them back on in the least amount of time.

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2. State Park Parking Lot - Two Connecticut parks immediately come to mind when thinking about evening debauchery, Squantz Pond State Park in Sherman, and Hammonasset State Park in Madison. Try and find the extreme far end of the huge parking lot and keep a look out at for the park ranger.

3. Walmart Parking Lot - This brilliant suggestion comes courtesy of Imprettydumb' on the website where he says, "The adrenalin rush is nuts!" This is why staying in school is so very important.

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4. Wooded Area in Unfinished Building Lot - This is one is my personal favorites because my high school girlfriend and I would head up to 'Black Watch Hill' close to some unfinished new homes and spend hours talking about relevant issues of the day while making out like we were 'going to the chair.' It didn't hurt that I owned a 1963 Chevy station wagon with a gold racing stripe up the middle of the hood. You don't need to be sitting upright to talk about relevant issues.

5. Drive-in Movies - The Southington Drive-in is still alive and well. Memories are made at the drive-in movies! Make sure to buy your snacks before the movie begins. Having to get dressed just to go buy some Raisinets could be a major inconvenience. Make sure to lock all of your car doors in case a police officer is randomly checking for nudity. You do have the advantage of the fogged up windows though.

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