I though my ears were trying to trick me but no it was all too real.  The New England Patriots have an audible called Rex Ryan.

It's rare that you can both hear and make out what the audible is when watching a football game on TV but this was clear as a bell.  It's almost as if Tom waited for Gillette Stadium to settle down a bit so we could all enjoy it.

Maybe Rex's obsession with the Patriots is NOT all one sided as I originally thought.  I mean the fact is that few teams defensive schemes for the Pats are as good as Rex's.  There really are only two teams that seem to be able to manage to get to Brady and get their hands on him.  Those teams are the New York Giants and whatever team Rex Ryan is coaching at the time.  I mean they were all over Brady in the first half last night.  Rex was blitzing like a madman and it was coming from different positions and directions each time.  Tom did not know which way was up.  Maybe Rex does get in their heads.  Either way New England always seems to make the necessary adjustments and pull it out in the end.

Now who's idea was it to name an audible Rex Ryan?  Is that Belichik or Brady?  Unless it was a simple "R" or "L" audible for right or left that Brady ad-libbed at the last second as suggested by the announcers then I have to believe it was Captain fun himself Coach Bill Belichik.

The Rex Ryan v. New England rivalry is one of my favorite in sports because it always delivers on some of the funniest things said each year in sports.  One day we will all look back on this in fondness and miss it very much.