So this is hilarious.  Gwenyth Paltrow wants you ladies to be clean. 

I will tread lightly here but basically according to the Daily Mail she wants ladies to know that steaming their lady parts is a good idea.

I'll tell ya I am all for this if it works.  I would steam my "Dining & Entertainment District."

You gotta take care of your downtown.

Alright....maybe it's too much.  These alternative medicines and treatments are getting crazy.  I however am a big fan of this one.

I don't know who is going to do this....but I wanna meet this person and take them down to Chinatown.......get in there like swimwear.  BRING DA NOISE AND DA FUNK!  It's suns out buns out......OK I'll stop but it's the newest thing out and I for one am on board.