Why did Remington begin peddling the AR-15 to the general public when it knew it was a military weapon designed for the purpose of killing enemy soldiers in combat?

That's the reason the families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims are suing Remington, the manufacturer. The families are seeking accountability from Remington, telling CNN:

You have to face the consequences of your specific actions. Each of those kids had three to eight bullets in them. There is just something wrong if that can happen.


The legal team for Remington is fighting to have the lawsuit thrown out of court claiming, that they were not responsible for the actions of Adam Lanza. The Sandy Hook families say that Remington and Bushmaster are marketing their weapons, including the AR-15 to young men, some who may be inclined to violence.

According to CNN, a groundbreaking ruling came late last week from Judge Barbera Bellis, who set an April 2018 trial date and said she would allow discovery in the case. This could unlock certain documents, and allow for depositions from Remington along with other gun company employees. The defense is claiming the plaintiff's case is void under the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

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Where do you fall on this issue? Is this in direct violation to our 2nd Amendment? What practical steps can be taken so tragedies like Sandy Hook won't happen again, or do we just say our Constitution is law, and let's keep our fingers crossed, and just hope it doesn't happen again, and be done with it.

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