According to, Hillary Clinton was screaming, swearing and throwing things when it became evident that she was going to lose the election to Donald J. Trump. Like I said -- consider the source. Then, try and imagine this NOT happening. I can't imagine her not throwing a tantrum.

The first thing I said when we went on the air the day after the election is, "Could you imagine how great it would be if someone got her on video when she realized she lost?" Obviously, no video has surfaced and chances are, we may never get to see one, but WOW. I bet it was a tirade for the ages. Endless swearing and screaming.

Think about it, it was obvious to anyone who followed this election that Hillary Clinton and her backers thought little to nothing of this man. Then they lost to him. That is a pill that anyone with an ego is going to have a tough time swallowing. But her ego mixed with these results and you have what I can only imagine was an all time meltdown. What are the odds that at some point she screamed about how dumb American's are for letting this happen? I bet they are pretty good odds.

Whatever your political affiliation is you have to want to see a video of her screaming and yelling, it's only human.