I don't know how I missed this but I cannot believe when these things happen.  Human beings are violent in nature but this is next level C.S.I. stuff.  I don't get it.

Apparently body parts right in the neighborhood of the WTNH offices were scattered and found yesterday.

According to WTNH News 8 two human legs were found in one location and one human arm in another in the same neighborhood.

Someone approached police last night around 7 and reported the "stench of death" in the area of the Chapel Street Bridge and that is when New haven police say they found a human arm wrapped in plastic on a ledge near the bridge; this just hours after finding two human legs in the same area.

This is scary because of it's proximity to the TV station.  It's almost as if the person was advertising that they had done something horrific.  

I will never understand the fragility of the human psyche.  People snap and can not only think something like this is a good thing but then act on it and show it off.  

We will be updating you on the story tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show...with whatever information becomes available.

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