According to an article in the Connecticut Post over the weekend, a Trumbull mom was happily watching her son play freshman football when, much to her dismay, the Greenwich team runs out on the field yelling the word, "Hitler"! The Connecticut Post then went on to say that the signal for the play was an index finger across the upper lip, signifying Adolf Hitler's infamous toothbrush mustache. The Trumbull mom, Debbie Levinson, told the Connecticut Post:

My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins perished at the hands of Hitler. My father and mother suffered unspeakable atrocities during the Holocaust. So yes, I'm outraged!

The story says that Levinson approached Greenwich High's Assistant Varsity Coach, James Briggs to ask him about the 'Hitler" play. The Coach confirmed that they do, in fact, utilize the "Hitler" play, and she claimed that Briggs didn't appear ashamed or felt it was wrong, or anti-Semitic.

I certainly understand why none of the freshman players said anything, because their brains have not fully developed, but the coach? Why would you think that yelling the name of a mass murderer is the way to go when describing your next play? Why not just come up with a play called the "Ted Bundy," or perhaps "The Stalin," which is actually a play that's been used for years at Greenwich High! Why hasn't anyone said something, anything?!

Greenwich High's Football Field - Google Instant Streetview

Greenwich school's Headmaster, Chris Winters has issued a formal apology to the community for the incident.

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