Nature sure is amazing my friends....this will blow your mind.

This Great White shark beached itself of the shore of Chattam, Mass.


This thing was chasing seals I guess.  My question is is how did it get that far up onto the beach?

Just awesome stuff to see.  What would you do in this case?  You gave to try and save it....right?  You can't stand there and watch something die.  These people were amazing and it looks like they called the fish and game and did the right thing.

I love sharks I just don't want to be attacked by one.  I'd prefer watching Youtube videos of them attacking something or see them on the Discovery Channel for a week once a year.

I have seen shark up close.  I used to shark fish off the coast of Marco Island, FL every year with my grandfather and I caught some monsters.  I caught 6 footer and my cousin caught a 7 footer.  I once caught a Bull shark that had the toughest head of anything I've ever seen.  I know that because we had to beat it to death with my grandpas Police baton in the boat to make sure he didn't bite our feet off.  He was going ballistic.  He went for my ankle and my grandfather threw the baton to me like an action movie and i went right for his dome over and over again for like 5 minutes until I almost passed out.  These things are beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Earth is amazing.

Your welcome!