There are a couple of documentaries about musicians that you should see now.

Beach Boys Brian Wilson and his wife are the subjects of a new movie out called Love & Mercy. It's currently in theaters, I saw it at one of my favorite places to catch a movie, the Bantam Cinema, on Sunday.

Here's the trailers:

John Cusack plays the "Older" Wilson, and Paul Dano plays the "younger" version. Rounding out this excellent cast is Elizabeth Banks as Wilson's wife, and the suberb Paul Giamatti as Wilson's controlling power of attorney.

It's an extremely well made film, and it gives you true insights into the Beach Boys struggle to find their identities and grow musically after their initial success. I highly recommend it.

Another excellent documentary that I saw recently was Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. It's currently playing on HBO and you can download it online. Check out the

Even if you are not a Nirvana fan, it is a harrowing look into the mind of a musical genius. It does not hold back. Drug use, nudity, and awful truths abound throughout this insightful look at the life of Nirvana's driving force.

Also, highly recommended. You can watch it here:

Another fantastic film to watch is The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir, which is on Netflix. This film take's you through the career of Grateful Dead founding member and guitarists Bob Weir weird and awesome journey. From his LSD days to his final days with Jerry Garcia. Truly awesome ... you can

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